Three years ago, GovAssist was created on the knowledge that traveling must be pleasant and that the struggle of attaining travel papers ought to be made simpler, uncomplicated, smooth and painless.

With virtually 12 years of business experience in automation, hi-tech and technology-centered surroundings, we have a reputable track record of refining our customer’s user immersion, know-how, and involvement. With GovAssist we will once again reinvent and expand the industry by providing a fundamentally improved mechanism for pleasure and business travelers to acquire travel visas and travel authorizations.

GovAssist is driven by a sophisticated method of technology that is unified into every step of the visa and travel authorization request procedure. In such a dynamic and transitional comparative government scene, visa and travel authorization requirements are continuously fluctuating. GovAssist stays abreast on this ever-changing atmosphere, always bringing to our customers the right and most accurate visa and travel authorization data.

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To streamline and modernize travel, the Ministry of Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched a program to grant e-Visas to travelers from select nations, sparing them the more rigorous process of a formal visa application. Turkish e-Visas are available to over 40 countries, and conditionally available to many others. This e-Visa permits entry into Turkey for 30 to 90 days over a 180 day period depending on several conditions.

Available online, the e-Visa represents a significant reduction in hassle and difficulty for travelers. GovAssist makes this process even easier with our all-inclusive service packages. From start to finish, our agents are here to help you every step of the way.

To apply for your e-Visa, simply fill in the application form available on this website, using personal information, primarily from your passport. Your passport must also be valid for at least 60 days beyond your duration of stay.

Once your e-Visa form has been submitted and paid, GovAssist agents will review it, work with you to correct any issues that may lead to a denial or delay, and then promptly submit your application to the Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It may take several days for your e-Visa to be approved by the Turkish government, and when it is, you will receive notification along with the e-Visa documentation by email from us.

GovAssist’s Turkey e-Visa services also include travel concierge, a travel protection warranty, complimentary resubmission in case of rejections, and 24/7 support.